Haerbin American-Canadian Foreign Language School is a school that comprises kindergarten, primary school, lower secondary and upper secondary (overseas curriculum) divisions.  It is a non-government run school that offers both a boarding stream and a day-school stream.  Its campus area is 80,000 square metres, and its investment amount is 3.5 billion RMB.  It is located in the Songbei District in Haerbin.  The HACFLS campus boasts a European architectural style, a pleasant environment, and top class facilities.  The school’s teaching staff is renowned.

Qidi Foreign Language School, Qidong is situated in the beautiful Venice-on-the-Sea Complex in the city of Qidong.  It is a modern international boarding school jointly developed by the QiDi Educational Group, Suzhou and HengDa Educational Group.  The school occupies 200 hectares, and its building area comprises 70,000 square metres.  Facilities in the school include the following Special Function classrooms: Art Studio, Calligraphy Room, Handicraft Room, Pottery Studio, Music Room, Dance Room, Sport Hall, Science Laboratory, Piano Studio, STEM Creative Space, 3D Workbench, as well as Psychological Health Office.  Such a rich array of teaching facilities is in place to foster the all-round development of talents that the future society is asking for.

Chuzhou Foreign Language School (Suzhou International Foreign Language School, Chuzhou Campus; abbreviated as CFLS) is a top-class K15 international school with boarding facilities established by the Suzhou International Foreign Language School, Qidi Educational Group.  It therefore joins over 30 high-quality non-government schools including SIFLS, HACFLS, Qidi Foreign Language School, Qidong, and Smartkidz Kindergarten, Changshu as a proud member of the Qidi Educational Group schools.

CFLS is located Chuzhou, otherwise fondly known as “The City of Pavilions”.  Its idyllic location makes it an ideal place of scholarship.  The school has two campuses, North (main) and South; South Campus also carries the title of Suzhou-Chuzhou Experimental School affiliated with CFLS, and occupies an area of 236 hectares.  The numbers of students for the kindergarten, primary, lower secondary, and upper secondary divisions are respectively 1200, 2100, 1600, and 1800.  While a significant majority of students is Chinese, CFLS also recruits a number of foreign students.

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Address: 100 Xiangcheng Ave, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Email: admissions@chinabest.org

Tel:  0512-65490316;65490317